Our domain

Our vineyard is located in the Mâconnais region, southern Burgundy, at the gates of Beaujolais.

Our sole grape variety for white wine is CHARDONNAY, known for its elegance and finesse.

Our red wines are made from GAMAY grapes, a variety ideal for producing lively, glistening wines, replete with red fruit.

Generous mother nature gifted our region with a terroir evocative of an immense mosaic, to give each protected appellation of origin (AOP) its very own typicity and character.

All of our savoir-faire is found in our bottles.

Our love and pride in the fruit of our work, with a tireless eye to tradition, is what we share with you.

Descended from 5 generations of farmers, Bruno created the vineyard in 1990. Nadine joined forces with him in 1997 in view of.